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TELOS-education Asbl, set up in July 2015, aims to provide psychosocial assistance to families in distress (children and adults) and to promote innovative projects at the educational, social, and cultural level.

The help can be outpatient or stationery, for example the reception of minors or young adults in psychosocial crisis or in serious difficulty on their way to social integration, or outpatient support for families in distress and at risk of a crisis. breakup, or even parent-child separation.

after a bit of love and playtime, of course!

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4 Paws Walking and Rescue collaborates with Telos to help children work on their sensitiveness and social skills. More specifically, these children, aged between 8 and 12 years, have difficulties following the ordinary education path.

Many of them have problems adapting to life as we know it, because they lack certain behavioural skills needed for successful social integration, such as patience and calmness. Each week, 2 children join us and our packs for a walk in the forest. They can ask questions about the dogs and canine behavioural in general, and of course, take one of our furry friends on leash for their promenade.

Needless to add that the love between the small humans and our paws is reciprocal. For children lacking social skills it is quite a challenge to stay calm and focused on dogs and give them the energies of a safe and stable environment. These hours are a great way for these children to develop perceptions of their own behaviour around other beings.

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