Safety and Comfort

Our Top Priorties

We’ll pick your dogs up at your home, and take them on an hour-long walk filled with lots of exercise, abounding wildlife, new friends, and tons of fun!  Our loving and energetic dog walkers, Dorthe and Melanie, will transport your dog safely and securely from your home to the walk location in state-of-the-art crates, custom fit to the vehicles and featuring the utmost in safety technology and comfort for your playful pals.

We believe in quality over quantity, and so we keep our dog walking groups small.  Our walks take place amid the beautiful natural terrain of Luxembourg, through forests, along rivers and streams, with plenty of frolicking space in lovely meadows.

After your furry friends are all tuckered out from running, playing and sniffing to their heart’s content, we’ll clean them up and bring them home, ready to greet you with plenty of puppy kisses when you return from your long day at work.  If you like, we’ll even top off food and water, and administer medication when necessary.

Let’s get to know each other…

We understand that your pets are a part of your family.  We know you wouldn’t leave your children with a stranger, so we don’t expect you to leave your dogs with one either.  So, before 4 Paws Walking and your four-legged children can begin playing together, we’d like to get to know each other.

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