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a professional pet care service offers a helping hand for your four-legged friends

What do you think your dog dreams about all day while you’re at work?  Chasing cute little bunnies?  A mountain of doggie treats?  Does your four-legged friend dream of flying around the neighbourhood in a super hero cape, fetching balls and snuggling children?  Super Pooch to the rescue!

While you may never know just what adventures your dog dreams of, chances are that a daily walk with a new friend will make your playful pooch just as happy.  And you can relieve yourself of some of the guilt you feel when you get those sad puppy eyes each day as you leave for work.

4 Paws Walking professional pet care service offers a helping hand for your four-legged friends. 


Your dogs will get the daily exercise they need while improving social skills and making new friends, accompanied by experienced and accredited dog walkers.

We limit our walks to small groups (no more than six-eight dogs at a time, per handler),

and ensure a variety of natural scenery with abounding wildlife and plenty of room to run and explore.


We’ll get your pets to their most pressing social engagements! Or, more likely, important appointments such as the vet, groomer or Kineo.

You no longer have to schedule your pets’ appointments into your own busy schedule.

Let us take care of your pets’ busy calendar while you’re at work.


Your pets don’t have to feel homeless when you’re away from home.
We’ll provide loving care for your pets while you’re away on business or that much-needed vacation. Pet sitting can be arranged at your home or ours, in a loving, nurturing, pet-friendly environment. We won’t spoil them so much that they’re not happy to see you when you return, but we will ensure that they’ll be happy to come back next time.

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